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Finding a workplace where you feel accepted and appreciated is vital. It’s about more than changing your company profile picture or making a social media post. Diversity and inclusion should come from leadership and trickle down into company culture.

As an employee, working at a business that promotes true inclusivity often leads to better work-life balance, a feeling of community among your coworkers and resources that can help you thrive in your career.

BluePearl is breaking down walls and putting diversity and inclusion first by pioneering initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion throughout the veterinary industry. As a whole, the veterinary field struggles with bringing diversity into its workforce. In fact, a recent study by the AAVMC found that:

  • 70% of veterinary students are white
  • No other race/ethnic group surpasses 10% of students
  • 80% of applicants for the class of 2024 identified as heterosexual/straight
  • 80% of applicants for the class of 2024 identified as female
  • Less than 20% identified as male
  • The percentage of those identifying as transgender or another gender was extremely low

These numbers closely reflect the landscape of the veterinary field today, illustrating the need for better diversity and inclusion initiatives. So, how can we create a more diverse outlook for the veterinary industry? It’s a large undertaking to change an entire industry, but we’re working hard to be the change through a number of programs to diversify our organization and the field as a whole. Here’s how:

Two technicians sharing each other's company

How BluePearl celebrates Associates of all backgrounds.

For the leadership team at BluePearl, helping every Associate feel wanted and included is a top priority, and it starts by giving managers the tools to train and coach. Across hospital and support teams, managers are given yearly, targeted training to help inspire conversations and bring new ideas into their departments.

In addition to annual training, leadership has created the Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Council. This company-wide initiative lets Associates speak up and open up important conversations. And it’s inspiring other companies in the field to join in.

Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Council.

The goal of BluePearl’s Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Council (EI&D Council) is to create a culture that embraces, accepts, and supports diversity within the organization (and, ideally, in the veterinary field as a whole). The council works to promote better diversity throughout the organization with diverse hiring initiatives and more targeted training for employees.

Another important initiative is raising cultural awareness of BluePearl’s diverse client base to ensure pets are receiving the highest quality of care possible. Each year, we create annual goals to hold ourselves accountable and keep making progress.

“Our Equity, Inclusion & Diversity (EI&D) vision is to foster a culture in which all Associates are recognized, included, celebrated, and have a sense of belonging for their unique contributions. We are committed to building and sustaining a more diverse veterinary community where our teams can thrive and enrich lives through remarkable care for pets.”

To meet these goals, our leadership team has implemented company-wide training that teaches Associates about the struggles others go through and shows why togetherness is so important in the workplace. Additionally, BluePearl holds cultural diversity celebrations for Black History Month, Pride Month, Women’s History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and more to celebrate and thank employees.

Diversity Resource Groups.

Diversity Resource Groups (DRGs) are voluntary, Associate-led groups within BluePearl with the intention of supporting the Associate experience. The goal: connect Associates with similar interests to create change within the organization and the veterinary industry as a whole. Each DRG has a member of the senior leadership team to help provide oversight and measure progress.

Currently, BluePearl has DRGs supporting Black, LGBTQIA+, Latinx, and women-led initiatives.

Black Excellence.

The Black Excellence group at BluePearl aims to bring awareness to issues affecting communities of color. This group also provides networking and mentorship opportunities to Black and African American Associates across roles.

BP Pride.

Dedicated to building a community of belonging for all LGBTQIA+ Associates by engaging in ongoing conversations regarding health and care, as well as hosting company-led awareness events.

Pa’lante Latinx.

The Pa’lante Latinx group was created to support BluePearl’s Latinx Associates with development, community resources, and advocacy measures.


WIMMIN (short for Warriors Introducing Motivation, Maximizing Inclusion & Networking) is a group dedicated to advocating and encouraging women Associates to develop their potential through creating a community of mentorship and networking.

Gender-affirming care.

In addition to celebrating differences, one thing that sets BluePearl apart is our unwavering support for transgender and non-binary Associates. We believe that everyone deserves to live as their truest and most authentic self, and we provide resources to ensure they can. Associates’ healthcare plans offer coverage for gender reassignment and mental health services.

Diverse hiring initiatives.

BluePearl puts diverse hiring initiatives into action by providing all Associates with diversity, equality, and inclusion training on an annual basis. Implicit bias is often a hurdle for hiring managers (and not just in the veterinary industry), and our targeted training is designed to help uncover inherent, implicit biases while learning to identify and rectify any decisions that may come from it.

Managers are expected to practice the things they learn in their training each and every day to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce at all levels of the company.

Two BluePearl associates pose with a patient

BluePearl: Bringing diversity and inclusion in the workplace full circle.

When searching for your next career, ensure the company you choose values what makes you and your teammates unique while finding ways to celebrate and lift everyone up. Never underestimate the importance of feeling valued at your workplace and the positive impact it can have on your happiness and work-life balance.

Although the veterinary industry still has a way to go in terms of creating more diversity, BluePearl is here to ensure you have the tools, resources, and mental health services to succeed in your role. We work hard to make strides each year by promoting diversity and inclusion training, Associate-led diversity groups, and diverse hiring initiatives, with more action on the horizon.

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