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Client service coordinators (CSCs) are responsible for a visitor’s first and last impression of the hospital by providing an exceptional client experience.

What is a BluePearl client service coordinator?

The BluePearl client service umbrella encompasses several positions, creating plenty of room to advance your career. The entry-level position in this track is the client service coordinator (CSC I). Client service coordinators are responsible for creating a positive, lasting impression of the hospital by providing an exceptional client experience.

What does a CSC do?

Client service coordinators are integral to the function and success of our hospitals. CSCs promote the client experience by ensuring the client is well-informed, their overall needs are met and their pet is cared for through a patient-centered approach. With the right skills and knowledge, client service coordinators analyze and anticipate client concerns and help facilitate care.

Career growth opportunities.

The BluePearl client service job family encompasses several positions, creating plenty of room to advance your career. The entry-level position within this job family is the client service coordinator I (CSC I). Those in a CSC I role can move to a CSC II and CSC III position by demonstrating mastery of the required skills for their next job level.

Each CSC level builds on the knowledge and skill set of the previous level working toward professional growth opportunities which prepare you for your next role. Client service Associates have a wide variety of career pathing opportunities ranging from operational support to people leadership to referral support.

In addition to on-the-job training knowledge, client service Associates have several tools at their fingertips to better develop their skills.

Below, you’ll find five ways that client service coordinators at BluePearl can use to level up their careers:

  1. Company-wide learning & training resources
  2. CareerTrax
  3. Professional development
  4. Quick guides
  5. Growing through the organization
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1. Leverage company-wide learning & training resources from BluePearl.

There’s no shortage of on-the-job training resources for you at BluePearl. We have a resource library with training guides for most of your day-to-day job functions. Using these guides can ensure you complete your work to the best of your ability and meet the standards needed for promotion.

Our BluePearl University offers tutorial videos, in-depth training guides for every career and training webinars.

In addition to these resources, we provide full transparency into what is needed to grow within BluePearl, providing all Associates with visibility into job descriptions and skills checklists detailing requirements for each position. We’ve outlined different potential career path examples to aid in planning for professional development and your future in BluePearl.

2. Take advantage of CareerTrax for client service coordinators.

CareerTrax is a web-based job skills observation and verification platform that allows Associates to demonstrate mastery of the skills required for career advancement. CareerTrax provides several different learning resources:

  • Self checklists
  • Self-assessment guides/case logs
  • Full skill catalog

3. Seize opportunities to grow within BluePearl.

Our client service and patient care career pathing programs, which are the first of their kind in our industry, provide Associates with an opportunity for personal growth through professional development, financial advancement and career fulfillment. We are inspired by the number of Associates interested in advancing their careers with BluePearl in support of providing remarkable care for pets.

4. Learn about what’s next with quick guides.

BluePearl has created quick guides as part of the building blocks of our career pathing programs.

5. Expand your skills to grow into other roles.

BluePearl gives Associates the freedom to explore other roles in their hospital.CSCs of any level could decide to become veterinary assistants, pursue their credentials as licensed veterinary technicians or move into referral or financial coordinator roles, for example.

Also important to mention is the flexibility that BluePearl Associates have when pursuing a career path within any BluePearl hospital location, the Support Center or our Mars Veterinary Health networks, depending on their goals and skills. Keep this in mind as you plan for the future of your career with us!

Finding your place to grow and excel.

As you pursue your career path in the veterinary field, BluePearl is here to provide support and guidance through career pathing. If you’re looking to make a career pivot in the veterinary field but need additional skills and experience to do so, BluePearl is an excellent opportunity for your continued career development.

If there’s one thing to take away from this article, it’s that we care about helping our Associates achieve their goals. Our dedication to hiring and promoting from within offers multiple ways to advance your career. Whether you’re using our library of internal resources, collaborating with your leaders on next steps or planning to go to school for a patient care role – we’ll be here every step of the way.

Ready to Grow Your Career?