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At BluePearl, we put Associates first by providing a variety of opportunities to keep your career growing in the future.

We put our words into action with extensive resources to help our team learn, ask questions, acquire new skills, and get to the next level of their careers.

What is a BluePearl client care coordinator?

The BluePearl client service umbrella encompasses several positions, creating plenty of room to level up your career. The entry-level position in this track is the client service coordinator (CSC I). Client service coordinators are responsible for creating a positive, lasting impression of the hospital by providing an exceptional client experience.

What does a client care coordinator do?

BluePearl has a legal and ethical obligation to create a client-patient relationship with verbal and written contracts of care in order to diagnose and treat patients. It is essential to gain consent from owners to treat pets and help both the owner and pet feel comfortable and confident in the care they will be getting. Client service coordinators are integral to the establishment of this process. With the right skills and knowledge, client service coordinators analyze and anticipate client concerns and help facilitate care.

Leveling up as a CSC.

Client service coordinator Is can move up to a CSC II and CSC III role by building on the communication skills, problem-solving, and medical knowledge they have learned in their role. Achieving a CSC III role provides the opportunity to start training others and gain leadership skills for your next promotion. Associates can then move on to become client service managers or client service supervisors, leading and overseeing teams of coordinators. In addition to on-the-job training knowledge, Associates have a number of tools at their fingertips to better develop their skills.

Also important to mention is the flexibility that BluePearl Associates have. An Associate can pursue a career path within their hospital or the BluePearl and Mars Veterinary Health networks, depending on their goals and skills. If you’d like to pursue something outside of your current role’s career path, talk about your professional goals with your leadership team. The resources we have in place can also help you make a switch within the field. Keep this in mind as you plan for the future of your career with us!

Below, you’ll find five resources that client service coordinators at BluePearl can use to level up their careers:

  1. Company-wide learning & training resources
  2. CareerTrax
  3. Bi-Annual leveling assessments
  4. Quick leveling guides
  5. Continued education
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1. Leverage company-wide learning & training resources from BluePearl.

There’s no shortage of on-the-job training resources for you at BluePearl. BluePearl University offers tutorial videos, in-depth training guides for every career, and training webinars. In addition, we provide full transparency into what is needed to level up, providing all Associates with visibility into job descriptions as well as a list of what is needed to achieve their desired position. Hierarchy charts that show different potential career paths are also available as you plan for the future.

If you need more info while on the job, we also have a Client Services Resource library with guides for most of your day-to-day job functions. Using these guides can ensure you’re completing your work to the best of your ability and meeting the standards needed for promotion. These cover everything from end-of-day policies to PCI compliance and bill payment FAQs.

2. Take advantage of CareerTrax for client service coordinators.

CareerTrax is a web-based observation and verification platform that allows Associates to show their mastery of certain skills in order to be promoted. CareerTrax provides a number of different learning resources like:

  • A portal for Q&A office hours
  • Checklists
  • Self-assessment guides

In CareerTrax, managers can assign tasks to employees to complete as part of their training. Tasks and completion of training coincide with BluePearl’s bi-annual leveling program.

3. Seize opportunities to grow with bi-annual leveling assessments.

Before jumping into bi-annual leveling assessments, it’s important to understand what exactly leveling is. Leveling is the term BluePearl uses for the promotion of employees. Typically, leveling follows a specific path. For example, in most cases a client service coordinator (CSC I) would be promoted to CSC II, a CSC II would be promoted to CSC III, and so on.

Bi-annual leveling happens each spring and fall, where managers have scheduled time to review completed goals and checklists and assess whether it is time for a promotion.

4. Learn about what’s next with quick leveling guides.

Leadership has outlined everything there is to know for leveling up. All of this information can be found in your desired job’s quick leveling guides. Quick leveling guides cover job descriptions, competency requirements, and skills needed.

Each of the following areas has its own criteria for leveling up:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Client experience
  • Computer & admin skills
  • Medical knowledge

These are available for all career paths covered in the client service associate job set and can be found on the company intranet.

5. Expand your skills to grow into other roles.

If you’re looking to make a career pivot in the veterinary field but are in need of additional skills and experience to do so, this is a great opportunity. BluePearl stands by “Freedom in the Framework,” which grants employees the freedom to explore other roles in their hospital. CSCs at any level could decide to become veterinary assistants, pursue their credentials as licensed veterinary technicians, or move into referral or financial coordinator roles, for example.

As you pursue your career path in the veterinary field, BluePearl is here to provide support and guidance through resources like continuing education (CE) opportunities, training sessions, and more organization-wide benefits.

Finding your place to grow and excel.

If there’s one thing to take away from this article, it’s that we care about helping our people achieve their goals. Our dedication to hiring and promoting from within offers multiple ways to level up your career. Whether you’re using our library of internal resources, working with your manager on next steps, or planning to go back to school – we’ll be here every step of the way.

Ready to Grow Your Career?