Emergency Veterinarian Training Program

Immersive training. 1:1 mentorship. Real-world experience.

Roadmap to your future.

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What is EmERge? 

BluePearl's ER Vet Training Program.

EmERge, our immersive emergency veterinarian training program, will put you on the fast track to becoming a highly experienced, confident and capable emergency veterinarian, ready to perform life-saving medicine for pets in need.

The program gives you everything you need for a successful career in emergency veterinary medicine, including the critical, hands-on experiences, immersive training and personal mentorship needed to thrive.

Get ER-ready in one year.

How it works:
  • 16 weeks of accelerated boot camp and initial training
  • 20 weeks of hands-on, immersive training guided by an experienced clinician mentor
  • 16 weeks of experiential training, with continued mentoring

After completing your year of training and graduating from the EmERge program, you’ll continue to practice at your home hospital for one year as a full-time, fully-fledged emergency veterinarian.

  • Must be a graduate of an AVMA-accredited DVM/VMD program
  • Must be available to spend 4 weeks away from your home hospital for EmERge Bootcamp training

Salary & benefits.

Job security.
From day one, you’ll have a full-time role at one of our 100+ BluePearl hospitals around the country for at least two years while you learn and grow.

In-depth and hands-on training.
Through immersive labs, weekly continuing education and more, you’ll obtain the critical skills and competencies needed to be a confident emergency clinician in an environment that’s designed and paced for your success.

A full range of benefits.
Access to the BluePearl Library with thousands of medical journals, in-house training development and CEs to grow your knowledge,
401k, medical, dental, vision and much more.

Real-world salary.
Competitive salary and increases are built into the program,
starting from day one.

A nurturing support system.
Colleagues, instructors and 1:1 mentors. No two doctors are the same, and BluePearl gives you the support and diversity of training to be your best self and doctor.

See the programs through the eyes of our participants.

"I was interested in emergency, but also nervous that I wasn't going to know enough, even though I went to school and I learned the book part of it. But the actual application is sometimes challenging, so I liked that the EmERge program offers a lot of good mentorship from veterinarians who've been doing it for a while." Thomas McManus, DVM EmERge Graduate and Emergency Clinician at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Town Center (Virginia Beach), VA
"I would say this to anybody who is interested in emergency medicine: EmERge is a great place to start, a great way to progress and a great way to build a network of support, both with your fellow EmERge program participants, but also the instructors, the hospital mentors and more." Jonathan Durmin, DVM EmERge Graduate and Emergency Clinician at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Skokie, IL
"I'm most excited about using the skills that we've learned. I feel really confident now that we've been able to do chest tubes, abdominal taps and things like that multiple times. Being able to use those skills and feel really confident doing them and also being able to lead my technicians through things like that makes me more prepared in emergency situations." Adeline Wadel, DVM EmERge Graduate and Emergency Clinician at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Stone Oak, TX

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