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Let’s face it, juggling multiple roles at your job can be overwhelming and inefficient.

For example, as an employee at a small hospital, it can mean working on networking with other clinics and promoting your brand, on top of doing your regular veterinary duties. Luckily, due to our size, BluePearl is able to provide the resources and support you need so that you can focus on doing what you do best – caring for patients.

There is a certain level of care and coordination that only a large veterinary organization can provide. At BluePearl, we have over 7,000 Associates working in hospitals in 30 states. In order for them to focus on providing exceptional and compassionate care, we have centralized support for payroll, operations, vet-to-vet marketing, direct-to-consumer veterinary advertising, legal services, public relations and much more.

Let’s dive into the support resources that go along with working for a large specialty vet organization.

Support Center teams to the rescue.

BluePearl has specialized teams to promote our hospitals and the highly advanced medical services we’re proud to provide. The BluePearl Support Center is the backbone of our brand. It’s made up of numerous specialized teams that support our hospitals in a variety of ways. With the help of the Support Center teams, our hospital Associates can focus on patients and fine-tuning their skills without worrying about taking care of the administrative and management work associated with running a veterinary hospital.

Here’s a look at the different teams that make up our Support Center:

Corporate affairs – the communicators.

The corporate affairs team handles both internal and external communications, events, crisis management and BluePearl’s brand voice. Internally, the corporate affairs team connects Associates with important company news through town halls, weekly internal digests and an internal intranet with a wide array of learning resources.

External communications is the PR side of the corporate affairs team. Their goals are to promote the company and ensure a positive brand image. They do this by sharing important company news with the world, and sharing unique stories on procedures, treatments and cases that generate buzz around pet health and trending veterinary practices.

Another thing that small veterinary hospitals don’t have time for? Social media. While it’s certainly less important than saving lives, social media does matter when it comes to boosting awareness of your brand, workplace and the incredible work that our medical care teams do every day. The corporate affairs team handles the strategy and execution of promoting BluePearl with engaging social media content, so you can focus on delivering next-level patient care.

Planning or attending an event like a tradeshow means coordinating schedules, budgeting for expenses, logistical planning and execution of any booth materials needed. While they can be a lot of work, attending events is great for building connections and authority in your market. Rest assured, the corporate affairs team takes care of all the details when it comes to attending events and tradeshows or hosting crucial meetings.

Medical – the clinical advisors.

The medical team lays the groundwork for ensuring patient safety, achieving medical excellence, training on new skills and continuing knowledge growth among Associates throughout the organization. Learning and training is the cornerstone of our business. That means Associates of all levels have access to specialized training in order to advance their skills and grow their careers.

Functional areas within the medical team include:

Marketing – the creators.

Working at a large veterinary organization like BluePearl means you’ll have marketing experts on your side to help promote your hospital. Our marketing team comprises visual storytellers, messaging experts, client advocates, pricing gurus and digital marketers to promote the brand.

Functional areas within the marketing team include:

  • Creative services
  • Digital marketing
  • Customer experience
  • Pricing
  • Vet relations

Legal – the lawful overseers.

Need legal advice? We have people for that too! Our legal team is there to support you with legal advice and result-oriented solutions for issues involving risk and safety management. They are also there to support regulatory compliance and any legal, business or regulatory issues that might arise in the operation of our hospitals. This team is an intricate part of the organization that keeps us compliant with various regulations and standards to ensure we’re operating efficiently and within guidelines.

Operations – the master planners.

The operations team act as the master planners of BluePearl. From new processes to new services, and even new facilities, the operations team focuses on providing the tools needed to support the effective and compassionate patient care delivered by our hospital Associates. They also work to ensure a smooth client experience and efficient work environment across our 100+ hospitals and clinical teams.

Functional areas within the operations team include:

  • Field operations
  • Project management
  • Construction & real estate
  • Strategy & development

Finance – the fiscal transactors.

The finance team handles all things related to financial reporting, payroll, accounting and taxes. That means you have someone on your side to process invoices, handle payments, and partner with other teams to fund the things you’ll need to get the job done.

IT – the connectors.

Your job shouldn’t include dealing with tech issues. At BluePearl, we have a dedicated IT team that takes care of urgent requests and technology emergencies. Their goal is to make sure the technology at BluePearl effortlessly supports Associates, while also keeping security and privacy a top priority.

Functional areas within the IT team include:

  • Cyber security
  • Enterprise software
  • Support services
  • Infrastructure

Vet relations – fostering connection with primary care veterinarians.

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more support resources in place, we have one more vital team to share. Knowing how to market to other veterinarians in your market is essential, and our vet relations team will help you do it.

The vet relations team is made up of vet relations representatives (VRRs) and the veterinary relations leadership team (VRLT). Their goal is to drive the right kind of growth for individual hospitals by positioning BluePearl as the provider of choice for the referring veterinary community.

Vet-to-vet marketing made easy.

One of the best ways to ensure a steady stream of clients is through referrals from other vets or hospitals. So naturally, our VRR team works in the field to build relationships and give them confidence in referring clients to our hospitals.

This requires time-intensive relationship building, promoting and follow-up for success. So having an entire team dedicated to vet-to-vet marketing is a must.

Two hospital admin staff look at paperwork together

Supporting our team through it all.

At BluePearl, you get the support you need when you need it. Our Associates can feel confident knowing there’s a person for that, whatever the “that” is. Time-consuming activities like building relationships with the referring vet community and making sure your hospital and services can be found in online searches can be harder than people think, so we ensure our hospital Associates don’t have to worry about any of that. Instead, they can focus on providing exceptional care to the patients and clients we serve.

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